Thank you for stopping by…

I think this is a big step for me; but not in a moral or circumstantial way.  I have heard many times that in order for a voice to be heard seriously and to give contemplation to someone perusing the web, that it needs to be done via blog.

Why a blog and not -say- Twitter or Facebook (which are really just quasi-blogs)?

The answer I believe is two-fold:

Confidence.  It takes a lot to consider putting your voice in a corner all by itself instead of just shouting quick remarks above the din of mass social media.  Folks who take the former route are either content with adding their voice to an indistinguishable collective of thoughts and desires, or they just want to feel like they are a part of something significant; and I understand both views.

The second part of the answer lies in the power of individualism and uniqueness.  Of course nobody wants to admit that rampant individualism is a bad thing, and that subject can be shelved for another time, but there is indeed power to be had from having a subjective value.  To have an opinion that makes someone else think alternatively is a power comparable to being a force of nature, and then to have the opportunity to make someone act alternatively is like being God.

I don’t mean to sound like some pompous sycophant when I say that someone who can write fancy words and cast a magical spell on someone is like a god or a tsunami, but I would still ask that you would think about some of the groundbreaking events that have occurred in human history due to words written by a man or woman.  Maybe you have heard of the Bible, or the Quran…  Romeo & Juliet, For Whom the Bell Tolls, Journey to the Center of the Earth…

As the name of the blog suggests, I intend for this little corner of mine to consist primarily of my own political thoughts and opinions.  I consider myself to be more of a reactionary than a revolutionary, and even less of a man of strict boundaries in a world of shifting loyalties and prejudices.

I have a core set of ideals contained deep within my gray matter that can influence my opinions & theories which have been refined and purged over the the years, and are still fluctuating- waxing and waning, etc.  The key piece of the puzzle in my own political outlook is that I question and sometimes doubt the experiment that is democracy.  I have a bitter taste in my mouth as I question the very thing that has given me the ability to speak as freely as I do now, but this is the way things are and no amount of conjecture and passive aggressiveness is going to change the way things are understood.

I know I am not the first to style themselves a reactionary and then condemn the prevailing government as fallacious, but I think there are words left to be said and so I can only try to bring them into existence.