“Among the central principles of neoreaction – one of the top two, I’d say – is that long-separated human populations differ, innately, in significant ways, and that human cultures, when correctly understood to be part of our extended phenotype, reflect this underlying biological variation.”  -From a post about Human Biological Diversity on this site.

There is simply no arguing with this logic and the basis it has in scientific inquiry. We didn’t arrive at this kind of conclusion yesterday; we followed in the footsteps of great philanthropists and scientists until we arrived at this simple undeniable fact.

Why am I introducing my site with such a proposition?

It is simply in order for any newcomer to understand that if they can’t get so far as this simple quote without losing interest, they just don’t belong here in the first place.  The more advanced conjectures and a priori theorems would be reserved for those who have no reason to hesitate in the face of scholastic speech and research.

The main task for the assertions I might put forth on this site is to advance minority sentiments about the fallacious and harmful education of the masses about government by the masses.  To wit, the improper use of power by the mass man and his low aim of bringing those that could be of better stock and strength to an abject level of power and a reliance on mass technics and appeal.

Is this the dreaded Iron Age, Wolf Age, Age of Darkness, the ascent of Quantity over Quality and the Age of Kali?

If it is indeed the time to reap what has been sown down through the small age of industrial progress, then preservation is our only hope for survival if we wish to reach a new Golden Age.

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